Sunday, October 08, 2006

Hello,I'm Ramkumari from Tamilnadu,a mom of 2 kids...u might be wondering why i chose this name of "Spicy Khana" ...It's simple tht's the only name tht went thro Blogger :)Now don't go expecting me to put in all hot n spicy food recipes !Since this is my First Blog I'll be starting it with a sweet .and I'll be adding recipes as i make them.So tht like my cousin does i can add photos to my Blog of recipes ...For ppl who don't mind Photos and who want more recipes try my web .There u find find almost a 1000 recipes on almost all our indian food from the basic to exotic .Now I want to start my first post...
A Sweet ..Hey come back for i guess there's a chance we might end up friends ,if we cook or not n let me know what u think abt the blog n if u visited the site too.:)

Kaju Katli
150 grams Cashew Nut pieces
150 grams Powered Sugar1/4 tsp.
Some extra Powder Sugar for dusting
Silver foils (edible) (optional)


Soak Cashew Nuts in water for 30 minutes.
Remove from Water and dry on a cloth for 15-20 minutes.
Add Cashews and Sugar into the Mixer and grind until smooth paste. (Note: Do not add water)
Cook the mixture in a thick bottom vessel, on slow heat and keep stirring.
Remove from heat when mixture hardens .
Divide in two equal parts and roll out into uniform thickness using rolling pin,dusting extra powdered sugar.
Paste silver foils and cut into diamond shapes.

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