Friday, December 02, 2011

The best and easiest Chocolate EVER !!! (Homemade chocolate)

After so many trials and errors,many just discarded ,The PERFECT recipe !! This is simple Super .Try it and pls, pls let me know .

Cocoa Powder       ThreeTablespoons
Sugar                        One cup
Milk Powder            One and a half cups
Butter                       Hundred Grams
In a heavy bottomed pan, take sugar and half cup water. Heat it on a low flame.Sieve together cocoa powder and milk powder . Make a syrup of one-thread consistency. Add butter and then the powder mixture. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and immediately remove the pan from the stove. Pour the chocolate on a butter/ghee greased plate. Allow it to cool and then cut it into pieces.

Tip :Mix in some roasted nut and Raisins for fruit and nut chocolate .
      I've sprinkled caramelized Cashews n Raisins for 1 part and the rest 's plain chocolate.

And sorry guys none remained after the cutting process :) :) gone in a Jiffy :) :)

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