Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Idly ,Vada ,Sambhar !!!

First The Idly:

For The Batter :

4 Cups Idly Rice(Par Boiled Big Round Rice)

1 Cup Urad Dal(Ulundhu paruppu)

2 Tsp .Methi

Soak The Ingrediants seperatly adding Methi to the Pulse for 12 Hours /Overnight(for soft idly)

Grind each seperately add water(not too much)...don't Grind it to a smooth Paste >The Batter Should be a Littkleand add them together ,blend it with hand ...for the rice to become sour quickly ( A must Condition) keep it in a closed container for another 12 hours for the batter to become Real Fluffy like a bubble .

The batter is now ready for your Fluffy Idly and Moru Moru Dosai .

Idly :
This Part is fairly easy .
Grease the Idly Plates with a little oil ,Pour 1 Tbsp. batter(prepared like abv. ) in each pit .
Fill up all the Idly plates similarly .
Close and steam them .Dip a spoon in them and chk if its done .
Lo !!! Super Soft Idly's ready .

Vada :
Urad Dal - 1 Cup
Pepper Corn a tsp .
Onion Finely Chopped 2 Tbsp
Ginger Finely Grated 1 Tbsp.
Curry Leaves

Soak Urad Dal for 2 hours min .
Grind it to form a very thick Batter without adding too much water .
Add all the Above Ingredients to it .
Take a Butter Paper,pat a dallop of batter on it .Punch a hole in the center and deep fry the made round,till brown and crispy . Serve with Sambar or Chutney ,Serve Hot .


Anonymous said...

Your idly vada and sambar are so exqusite. I keep staring at them and wonder how you got the crispy vadas and the sambar- how do you make this sambar. Is it different from the usual. Will you post the recipe for the sambar as well.

ramkumari said...


the recipe for sambar is in the above link ,to make sambar for idly or dosa we usually leave out the tamarind .thanks for visiting .good day !!