Sunday, August 12, 2007

Aadi Ammavasai Samayal.

The new moon day is considered something special in almost all civilizations for one reason or the other. While some civilizations ascribe demonic qualities to this day, others consider this day as auspicious and benevolent.
In Tamil society, the two new moon days which matter most in a calendar year are the Thai Amavasai and Aadi Amavasai. Aadi Amavasai comes in Utharayanam period(generally from middle of January to middle of July) and the Thai Amavasai comes in Dhakshanayanam period( from middle of July to middle of January) The Aadi Amavasai day is specially marked for offering prayers and food to the dead forefathers. One can say that this day can be described as the Indian version of All Souls Day that is celebrated in Roman Catholic Churches.
Hindus believe that the offerings they make during this period of 15 days starting from this new moon day would reach their forefathers and appease them quickly. So the Hindus are expected to perform “Tharpanam” on this day, which is a recitation of certain mantras along with some rituals that would appease the dead forefathers and protect the offsprings of the performer of the Tharpanam.
Taking a holy dip in a river is considered a pre-requisite for performing a Tharpanam, as it is believed that all one’s physical as well as mental impurities are washed away by doing so. This day is celebrated with more religious fervour and Bhakti in different temples, both Vaishnavaite and Saivite, situated in India and elsewhere.

Samayal ,Today we do all the dishes with Naatu kai vegtables like Ladies finger,brinjal,Drumstick,all kinds of gourds.Below are some of the dishes prepared today.
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